A Singaporean leading bank dives into Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


The data management team of Singapore’s leading bank wanted to gain exposure to the latest trends of how tech giants and startups are leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and business impact, and identify partners for collaboration on their three-year roadmap of hyper-personalisation. Another goal was to build Team Camaraderie among participants from across the APAC region.


We designed a 2.5 day learning expedition to Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, including visits and meetings with leading tech companies and founders of startups to understand how to use data to engage customers even further and to launch new products and services. We also facilitated team bonding activities and games to foster interaction amongst participants.


A grade of 9.4/10 from client

Awareness of how to identify and build partnership-ecosystems
Inspiration of new data technologies to leverage on to deliver a more personalised experience for customers
Building new analytic use cases around the customer journey and ways to improve existing data-driven models


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