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Innovation Is Everywhere has been designing learning experiences for industry leaders, to help them accelerate their transformation.

We are a multicultural team passionate about innovation and what the future holds. We have practiced and trained in politics, communication, entrepreneurship, business administration, digital marketing, journalism, design thinking.

We like to call ourselves “explorers”, with a “work hard, play hard” mindset and “can do” attitude. We love to be constantly challenged. We travel a lot. We commit to think “out of the box”.
Curiosity and exploration are the way we live and work.

We have offices in Singapore, Paris and Nantes.

Our core team


Mathieu Hamel

Consulting Director

Martin Pasquier

Graduated from HEC Paris with an MBA, Mathieu started his career in digital marketing.

In 2012, he set up his own digital agency with his friend and business partner Martin Pasquier.  The agency turned into an advisory company where he helps Fortune500 companies transform and adapt to a fast-moving globalised world.

Mathieu has lived in Shanghai where he could observe first hand how China has transformed. He is now sharing his time between Singapore, Paris and Nantes.

Martin started his career in digital marketing in Paris. He moved to Asia in 2012, curious about what Asia meant in terms of digital lifestyle, innovation ecosystem and influence.

In 2015, he started Innovation is Everywhere, a boutique consultancy where we help Fortune500 companies in their digital transformation in APAC, with four main trades: Research, Learning Expeditions, Prototyping and more recently Software.

He is still scouting today for innovations in the regions with his team, meeting and interviewing innovators, corporate decision-makers, government agencies, universities, to refine his understanding and increase his network.

At a personal level, he is writing a lot (TechCrunch, WIRED, TechinAsia, etc), speaks at tech events and corporate seminars.

Operations and Marketing

Céline Delacharlerie

Senior Project Manager

Rachel Tan

After 2 years experience in project management in digital agencies in the US and in Europe, Céline has been the first employee to join the team full time in 2015. Originally from Belgium, she lives now in Singapore and leads some of our learning expeditions projects as well as the marketing.

She also writes about innovation in Asia for Belgian and French media (Trends Tendance, Maddyness) and is passionate about social enterprises and how businesses can transform to generate more positive long term impact for their stakeholders (customers, employees…) and for the society and environment, while meeting their shareholders expectations on short term performance. She creates Scalable Impact in 2018 to help companies advance sustainability in the corporate world.

During her free time, she loves traveling (travel website with +15,000 visits per month) and organises human-scale games to raise awareness on societal and environmental issues.

Born and raised in Singapore,  Rachel graduated from NUS and joined us in 2015. She is passionate about exploring innovative trends in Asia across consumer-centric businesses.

She is challenging herself to learn a new skill every month for personal and professional growth whilst personally taking a special interest in fintech and foodtech technologies.

She manages most of our learning expeditions projects, from sourcing for the best visits across Asia Pacific with both corporates and startups, helping to facilitate workshops and managing the relationships with all the stakeholders before and during the tour.

Open positions

We are actively seeking to fill the following positions right now. We’re growing quickly, so check back often for new team openings. Don’t see the position that’s best for you? Contact us at to discuss possibilities.