Where to go?

Where to go?

We organize Learning Expeditions all over Asia. Silicon Valley no longer has the monopoly on tech innovation.
Innovation is everywhere.
Asia, in particular, is boiling hot and setting new trends.

Shenzhen (China)

#SupplyChain #Hardware #IoT #Prototype
#MakersMovement #Genomics

• The world factory and heart of innovation in
supply chain
• The capital of electronics
• The heart of the Shanzhai and makers culture
• The world’s largest genetic-research center

Bangalore (India)

#OpenInnovation #FinTech #Biometric #OpenAPI #GovTEch
#Software #Healthcare #FrugalInnovation #CostReduction

• The 2nd largest city for tech startups in the world,
after the Silicon Valley
• A concentration of technical talents and innovation
experimentation hot spot for corporates
• The world’s first country to open APIs from all its
government tech platforms
• The Mecca of Frugal innovation – or “Jugaad” in Hindi


#FinTech #SmartCity #OpenInnovation
#GovTech #IoT

• A sandbox for experiments in Fintech
• An innovation ecosystem with a strong private/public collaboration culture
• An early adopter of Smart Cities technologies

Shanghai (China)

#SupplyChain #Hardware #IoT #Prototype
#MakersMovement #Genomics

• The leader of the O2O revolution in retail
• A growing food tech startups scene
• Cloud computing, big data and IoT are changing healthcare in China

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

#Startups #SuccessStories #Unicorns
#Fintech #Banks

• The most number of IPO exits in Asia and an ideal gateway to Asia
• Fintech innovation supported by banks and regulatory sandbox
• Proactive government support

Beijing (China)

#Unicorns #ConsumerProducts #AI
#Robotics #AutonomousVehicles

• Zhongguancun, the Chinese Silicon Valley where talents and money come together
• A unique and inspiring consumer software ecosystem
• Global leader in AI research and development, especially driverless cars and robotics

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