Top Transformative Companies To Visit in Asia For Strategic Inspiration

We’ve put the most inspiring and transformative companies to visit this year in Asia on a map to help you plan your next learning expedition / year-end team rewards trip.

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  • Tik Tok, also known as Douyin in China, is a music video platform where people can share their musical performances. Based in Beijing, Tik Tok has a an excellent UI and design. Launched in 2016, it has become the most short video platform in Asia. In July 2018, it has reached 500 millions active users monthly.
  • Hema, launched by Alibaba in 2015, is the most successful example of New Retail with a growing rate of one new store every six days.
  • Pinduoduo is a group buying website and app in China, founded in 2015. It offers users discounts on a wide variety of products, especially when they buy more than one item.
  • WeBank, founded in 2014, is China’s first private commercial bank established. It uses WeChat data and blockchain to provide microloans for SMEs and entrepreneurs in China.
  • SenseTime, founded in 2014, is a Chinese company developing computer vision and deep learning technologie and is the world’s highest-valued AI company.
  • Klook is one the most transformative companies as it has become a unicorn this year in the crowded travel industry with its activity booking platform.
  • Sparklabs, a US-Korean fund and startup accelerator, that invested in Siri (sold to Apple) and DeepMind (sold to Google), has experienced tons of success stories in innovation.
  • is one of the rare companies who actually built a successful bitcoin wallet app (5 million users), leveraging on the Filipino huge remittance market.
  • E-Fishery is an Indonesian fishtech startup. It provides IoT solution to tackle the problem of fish overfeeding and underfeeding, one of the main challenges in commercial aquaculture.
  • Sky Greens is world’s first low carbon, hydraulic driven vertical farm, solving the problem of land scarcity and making Singapore smarter.
  • Unilever has introduced a coworking space, Level3 and an incubator, Unilever Foundry, mastering open innovation best practices.

  • Maxis is the leading communication an Internet service provider in Malaysia, and benefits from its best practices in performance management.
  • iSpirt is a think tank for the Indian software products industry. It aims to get a better understanding of Aadhaar and the India Stack, one of the most game-changing technology in the world today.
  • Tez, rebranded as Google Pay, enables to get a vision of the future of payments, as Google is planning to make the service first tested in India with huge success available in 20 countries.
  • Phandeeyar is a technology seed accelerator founded in 2015. It drives Myanmar’s innovation ecosystem and starting a co-creation lab between large brands and the rural population.
  • GetLinks, Asia’s largest tech talent network, is a startup founded in 2015. GetLinks helps companies to find and hire talents, and to understand Millennials at work.

If you are interested to visit these transformative companies, you can contact us to organise your next learning expedition.

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