Press Review Asia : Digital Transformation and Mobile Payment

This week’s topics to look at for your next learning expedition: Digital Transformation and Mobile Payment

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The state of digital transformation in China versus the rest of the world
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• Companies in China are taking a more offensive role, using digital transformation as a way to differentiate, drive revenue, enhance customer experiences and acquire new customers.

• Digital transformation helps identify growth opportunities (62% in China versus 48% in rest of the word)

• 42% of the steering committees for digital transformation in Chinese companies are led directly by the CEO. Compared to 29% in other countries.

• 74% of the Chinese companies interviewed are in the process of (28%) or have completed (46%) mapping out the customer journey compared to 32 and 27% in the rest of the world.

• Chinese companies are investing less on employee engagement in comparison, 8% (China) vs. 29% (rest of the world).

Innovation Is Everywhere – Learning Expeditions ‘s take :

Interesting findings from this research, showing how China has taken a more proactive and visionary approach, often led by the CEO, to leverage on tech and focus on the CX as growth opportunities, while they are still considered as tools to incrementally improve efficiency in companies elsewhere.


Go-Green Mini-Program ‘Ant Forest’ takes root in Philippines
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• Earlier this week, GCash, a leading mobile wallet in the Philippines, launched a new in-app feature for user to support reforestation by living a “green” life.

• The company said the feature was inspired by Alipay’s popular mini-program, “Ant Forest,” which has helped 500 million users plant 100 million real trees in China’s most arid areas since its launch in 2016.

• Similar to Ant Forest, “GCash Forest” users collect “green energy” points for making environmentally friendly decisions, such as walking instead of driving, opting out of single-use plastics or paying utility bills online.

• With enough energy points, users can plant a virtual tree in the app, which translate into real trees planted on their behalf by GCash.

• The effort would include help from government and NGO partners, such as the World Wildlife Fund and the United Nations-sponsored Biodiversity Finance Initiative.

Innovation Is Everywhere – Learning Expeditions ‘s take :

Mobile payment wallets have a card to play when it comes to rewarding people’s behaviours towards a more sustainable lifestyle with gamification elements, creating a real impact on people’s engagement with the app, on their life and on the environment.

Neal Cross explained why he thinks “The future isn’t digital”
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• Following a panel on the topic of 5G at Techsauce Global Summit 2019, Neal Cross, co-founder of Picturewealth, shared his thoughts on the future of digital.

• He mentioned that over the last years the observation was made that the digital leaders don’t own any of their assets, however they now do. Amazon has stores, Airbnb is building their own property and Uber owns a fleet of vehicles.

• Netflix and iTunes are leaders in technology innovation but they aren’t innovators in technology. He thinks that businesses should focus on innovation.

• According to Neal Cross, technology isn’t what disrupt industries but rather unhappy customers that are trying to move toward a new way to get their problem figured out.

• On fostering innovation, he suggested that companies should give its employees protection, education and freedom.

Innovation Is Everywhere – Learning Expeditions ‘s take :

In order to succeed in their digital transformation, companies need to focus on building a solution that solves a problem, rather than racing head first towards technology.

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